BREAKING: Obama To Legalize ONE MILLION Refugees After Orlando – Spread This NOW

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The nation is still struggling to recover from the devastating terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida last weekend that left 49 people dead at the hand of a radical Islamic terrorist.

Instead of responding by speaking out against radical Muslims, Barack Hussein Obama has made this an issue about gun control. Now, he has issued an even more sickening response to Orlando that effectively ensures America will be attacked again…

According to Right Wing News, an analysis of data from the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that Obama is set to issue over a million green cards to migrants from majority-Muslim countries by the end of his presidency.

Breitbart reported that a chart released by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest on Friday confirmed that in the first six fiscal years of Obama’s presidency (FY2009 – FY2014), his administration issued 832,014 green cards to migrants majority-Muslim countries. Most of these cards were issued to migrants from Pakistan (102,000), Iraq (102,000), Bangladesh (90,000), Iran (85,000), Egypt (56,000), and Somalia (37,000).

“Between FY 2013 and FY 2014, the number of green cards issued to migrants from Muslim-majority countries increased dramatically – from 117,423 in FY 2013, to 148,810 in FY 2014, a nearly 27 percent increase. Throughout the Obama Administration’s tenure, the United States has issued green cards to an average of 138,669 migrants from Muslim-majority countries per year, meaning that it is nearly certain the United States will have issued green cards to at least 1.1 million migrants from Muslim-majority countries on the President’s watch,” Breitbart continued. “It has also been reported that migration from Muslim-majority countries represents the fastest growing class of migrants.”


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