Clinton’s Former Lover Drops Racist Bombshell About Hillary That Could DESTROY Her Election Chances

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Liberals are turning on Hillary Clinton in droves after a former mistress of Bill’s came forward to reveal that Hillary has often used racial and offensive slurs in the past.

In her new book Hillary: The Other Woman, Dolly Kyle claims that Hillary was overheard calling mentally challenged children “f*****g ree-tards” and was caught on record using terms like “stupid k**e and ‘f***ing Jew b*****d.”

According to Daily Mail, Kyle wrote of one occasion when mentally challenged children were having a difficult time finding eggs at a traditional Easter Egg hunt on the grounds of the White House.

“The frustrated Me-First Lady demanded, ‘When are they going to get those f*****g ree-tards out of here?'” Kyle wrote.

Kyle also revealed that the Clintons often referred to Reverend Jesse Jackson as “That G**damned n****r” behind his back.

Since Hillary is desperately trying to court the minority vote right now, this revelation could be enough to cost her the election. SHARE this story so we can expose the racist truth about Hillary!

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