Here’s What Can Get You On Obama’s Top Secret Gun Ban List

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Ever since the devastating shooting in Orlando, Florida last weekend that left 49 people dead, Barack Obama and his minions have been shamelessly exploiting the tragedy to further his gun-grabbing agenda.

According to Conservative Tribune, Democrats have launched a plan to make  a list that would prevent gun ownership of otherwise law-abiding citizens, modeled after the “no-fly list.” Here are five ways you can end up on this list and have your Second Amendment rights taken away forever.

  1. Facebook and Twitter posts – A “Watchlisting Guidance” document published by the National Counterterrorism Center in March of 2013 warned that certain posts on social media could be considered as a means to prevent the purchase of firearms by innocent citizens and therefore the loss of their gun rights. This means that Obama’s government is also interested in taking away Americans’ First Amendment right to free speech.
  2. Submission of names from the public – Obama is opening the list up to the public for submission of neighbors, co-workers, friends or whomever. This means that any enemy of yours can get your Second Amendment rights revoked at a moment’s notice.
  3. Mistake from the government – The “no-fly list” has made many mistakes, and this would likely be no different. There have been documented cases against the government which resulted in what the feds call “state secrets privilege,” resulting in no action taken to prevent the government from making these kinds of errors.
  4. Name similarities – If you have the same name as someone else on the list, you will likely lose your rights too. Back in 2006, Robert Johnson of Canada made it impossible for six other people to fly.
  5. Excessive Travel – Traveling constantly could get your name on this list as well. Family members visiting relatives, missionaries and doctors doing volunteer work will all likely find themselves disarmed thanks to this list.

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