Navy SEAL Risks Everything To DESTOY Obama Over Orlando

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Ever since Sunday’s horrifying terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead, Barack Hussein Obama has been shamelessly using the tragedy to further his gun-grabbing agenda.

Now, Navy SEAL Dom Raso is fighting back against Obama and his liberal minions who want to ban AR-15s with an epic video.

“The only way for us to stay free was by having whatever guns the bad guys have,” Raso said, according to The Political Insider. “This firearm gives average people the advantage they so desperately need and deserve to protect their life, liberty, and happiness.”

“I fought this enemy face-to-face for 12 years. I know how they think, and I know the hatred that burns inside them. Thank God we have the Second Amendment,” the patriotic veteran added.

Here’s the full video:

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