Picture Snapped In Airport Bathroom Goes Viral – When You See It, You’ll Know Why

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Americans everywhere are furious over a viral new photo that was taken in an airport bathroom this week. The image shows just how ridiculous liberals in Obama’s America have become.

What has happened to our country…

During her travels, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham recently spotted a sign in front of a restroom at a San Diego airport that left her stunned.

After she posted the photo on social media, it became clear that she wasn’t the only one taken aback by what she saw.


Ingraham captioned the photo with: “Lord help us. San Diego Airport Bathroom Signage. Ladies, is this really what you want?”

The social media world blew up after the picture of the sign was posted. Most commenters were shocked and disgusted that “all gender” restrooms even exist in a world full of bad people.

“Wait until the rapes and the signs will come down. They will happen. Common sense. Freaks close to women in isolation,” one user said in response.

“I’ll pass. Not into getting sexually assaulted in a toilet. I will buy some Depends stock tho. Got a feeling its gonna rise,” said another (H/T Mad World News).

With liberals labeling the Olympian formerly known as Bruce Jenner a “hero” and with the United States military set to allow transgenders to serve, it has become clear that conservatives need to band together to elect a president and representatives who will put a stop to this nonsense.

That restroom sign gives permission to any pedophile in the world to “self-identify” as a woman and use the restroom area to prey upon mothers with young children.

Sadly, it’s likely only a matter of time before something like that happens. Only then will the halfwits who thought this would be a great idea regret their decision.

Actually, no, probably not. They’re liberals; they’ll just blame someone else.

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