Former Secret Service Agent Turns On Obama – Reveals Bombshell President Has Been Trying To Hide

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Americans everywhere are still struggling to recover from the devastating terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead at the hands of a radical Islamic terrorist.

Instead of trying to teach Americans about how to protect themselves from a terrorist, Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to lecture all of us about gun control. When he saw what the president was doing, former Secret Service agent Daniel Bongino knew he had to do something.

According to Western Journalism, Bongino took to Facebook to defy Obama by revealing how Americans should REALLY protect themselves:

1. Ignore Obama. He knows absolutely nothing about security and his proposals aren’t only ignorant, they’re dangerous.

2. Stay out of “gun-free” zones. They are only “gun-free” for the good guys and they are magnets for killers and terrorists.

3. Acquire & learn to use a rifle & pistol. Terrorists only understand force and laws mean less than nothing to them. Fact!

Bongino is currently running for Florida’s 19th congressional district. We applaud him for having the courage to defy Obama!

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