Here’s The REAL Reason Obama’s FBI Is Censoring The Orlando Terrorist’s 911 Call…

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On Monday, investigators released partial transcripts of the 911 calls terrorist Omar Mateen made during his attack in Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last weekend that killed 49 people.

According to Conservative Tribune, Americans were furious to find that Obama’s FBI had redacted several parts of the transcript, censoring every instance in which Mateen said the word “ISIS” by name as he pledged his allegiance to the terrorist group. Many conservatives saw this as yet another example of the Obama administration choosing to appease terrorists rather than confront them.

“Absolutely disgusting,” Rosser McIntosh tweeted, along with a picture of the redacted transcript. “They literally refuse to call the problem by its name.”

FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ronald Hopper feebly tried to defend the censorship, but he ended up only alarming patriots even more. 

“We’re not going to propagate violent rhetoric that comes from other people, whether it be here or overseas,” Hopper said, adding that Mateen did not represent the “religion of Islam,” but a “perverted” view of it.

Matt Walsh, a conservative blogger, pointed out how absurd it is that the FBI is trying to stop people from blaming Islam for the Orlando massacre.

“Incredible. The FBI basically announces that it redacted the transcript so that people wouldn’t blame Islam,” Walsh tweeted.

Once again, Obama is so concerned with not being harsh on the Islamic faith that he isn’t taking necessary measures to defeat the radical arm of the religion. SHARE if you think censoring these calls was WRONG!

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