Veteran Forcibly Dragged From Air Force Ceremony For Saying The Word ‘God’ – Watch What Happens Next

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Disturbing video footage is going viral this week showing the moment a veteran offering traditional remarks at a military flag-folding ceremony was assaulted and dragged out of the room because he dared to mention God in his speech.

The “flag-folding speech” has been given at military and civic events for years, and it contains several religious references.

“Let us pray that God will reflect with admiration the willingness of one nation in her attempts to rid the world of tyranny, oppression, and misery,” the speech states, according to Breitbart. “It is this one nation under God that we call, with honor, the United States of America.”

“God bless our flag. God bless our troops. God bless America,” the speech concludes.

Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez retired from the Air Force in 2013 after 33 years of serving his country. When Master Sergeant Charles Roberson was retiring in April of this year, Rodriguez was asked to give the speech at his ceremony. It was there that Rodriguez was assaulted, and now First Liberty Institute lawyers are demanding that the U.S. Air Force apologize to him and punish those responsible.

“It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life,” Rodriguez says. “To have the Air Force assault me and drag me out of a retirement ceremony simply because my speech included the word ‘God’ is something I never expected from our military.”

“Mr. Rodriguez has a constitutional right to free speech and religious expression, even on a military base,” added Mike Berry, director of military affairs for First Liberty. “The military broke the law and abused its power. We expect the Air Force to hold those responsible accountable, and allow Mr. Rodriguez to continue honoring the flag and other veterans who have sacrificed for our country.”

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