BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Panicking After Damning Evidence Leaks – It’s Happening

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Last week, Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare came true when hacker Guccifer 2.0 hacked into the Clinton Foundation and obtained their documents.

This week, the hacker published a series of documents that detail Clinton’s weaknesses as a candidate, including a collection of negative press clips about the Clinton Foundation and a list of defenses against attacks on her use of a private email server. According to Right Wing News, most of the documents are about how Clinton should respond to criticism of the Clinton Foundation’s revenue sources due to the fact that they accepted donations from foreign entities while Clinton served as secretary of state.

The Federalist Papers reported that one section of a file in the Clinton Foundation’s “vulnerabilities” is called “what we don’t know.” It includes questions like “How Much Of Mrs. Clinton’s Travel Was Funded By The Saudis?” and whether Clinton actually donated most of her speaking fees to the foundation.

Another document is called “Attacks on Clinton Family Members,” and it includes criticisms of Chelsea Clinton for her inability to answer questions about Clinton Foundation donations and other times in which Bill Clinton was called a “sexual predator” for his past indiscretions.

A different document detailed the Clintons’ extensive use of private jets funded by corporations and other groups, with some of their potentially problematic trips and their costs highlighted.

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