Former Federal Prosecutor Turns On Obama – Drops Bombshell About His Muslim Ties

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National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy during an interview with Breitbart this week when he said the Obama administration is becoming “Shariah-adherent” and that apologists for radical Islam are entrenched in the highest parts of our government.

McCarthy, who is a former federal prosecutor, was discussing his new article “Obama: Anti-Anti-Terrorist” during an appearance on Breitbart’s SiriusXM radio program Monday. He told host Stephen K. Bannon that Obama’s actions following the Orlando shooting, after which he blamed Republicans and censored the words “ISIS” and “Islam” from Omar Mateen’s 911 transcripts, were par for the course for this president.

Bannon told McCarthy that “you basically imply there are Islamic supremacists inside the national security apparatus of the United States government,” McCarthy answered: “I hope I did more than imply it.”

“I stated it outright, and think that’s pretty clear, just from some reporting that’s recently come out about Laila Alawa, a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant who’s somehow on the Homeland Security advisory council, that gives the president advice on counter-terrorism policy — a woman who said that basically 9/11 was a good thing and changed the world for good, which is just about as stunning as anything I’ve ever seen from someone who has a quasi-official government position,” he continued, according to Conservative Tribune.

“I think it should be underscored that she’s hardly singular,” he added. “The president has been turning for advice — policy advice that has been implemented from the beginning of his administration — to leaders of Islamist organizations that are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

McCarthy went on to say that the GOP establishment will be loathe to attack him for this because “people in Congress, particularly Republicans in Congress, believe that the country has changed.”

“When I was a prosecutor, can you imagine how successful would I have been in prosecuting a case if I just sat at the government’s table and did nothing, while the defense lawyer did all the work?” he said. “It’s one thing to say crimes have been committed. It’s another thing to say you have the duty to get up and prove it to the jury.”

The former prosecutor added it was “incumbent on the people in Congress to make those cases because, unlike the rest of us who don’t have political authority, it’s a responsibility of the legislative branch to rein in executive abuse.”

McCarthy then shifted to discussing Orlando, saying that Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s announcement that she would redact all references to ISIS or Islam from the 911 call Mateen made as being due to the fact that “clearly the government is becoming Shariah-adherent, and the left is using the same tactic with respect to law enforcement against radical Islamic extremism that it uses in the area of what they call ‘climate change.'”

“That is, they have an official version of events, which may be part of a counter-universe, but it’s their story and they’re sticking to it,” McCarthy continued. “What they’re trying to do is purge any alternative explanation. So the administration has the position that ‘violent extremism,’ which is what they call it, is disconnected from any credible interpretation of Islam — that Islam is singularly a ‘religion of peace,’ and there is to be no other interpretation of it.”

“And, therefore, anything that shows the direct nexus between Islamic doctrine and jihadist terror is to be suppressed,” he explained.

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