Three Things Every Gun Enthusiast Should Buy

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If you are a gun enthusiast there are some things you should strongly consider buying because they will likely become illegal and thereafter the only legal way to own them may likely be if you purchased them before they are banned.

These items were chosen based off of their enjoyment, their practicality, and also the political statement they make. Which brings me to my first pick:

The Ghost Gunner. Created by Cody Wilson the Ghost Gunner can take either a block of metal or an Unfinished “80/20” Lower Receiver and after turning it on and engaging the software after a few hours you will have a finished lower.

There’s two main things to consider about the ghost gunner – First, if the government knows you own a specific gun and that gun becomes illegal they’ll be stopping by your house first for confiscation purposes during such a time or during a local emergency such as Hurricane Katrina to disram you. On the other hand, the only thing that a Ghost Gunner does is pull electricity from your outlet. No one will know how many lower receivers you make except you.

That’s the second important point to make about the Ghost Gunner. Buying it is making a political statement. Efforts to institute gun control are enforced primarily against law abiding citizens. People who posess guns illegally are unlikely to care if a new law has been added that they are now additionally breaking. If the government wants to regulate the Ghost Gunner, it would need to regulate your purchasing of raw metals and your use of electricity. Consider that, the Ghost Gunner says more about them than it does about you. If they want to stop it, they need to stop everything. It would be one thing for them to shut down a gun factory, it would be another for them to find a way to surveil your private life so thoroughly so as to regulate the Ghost Gunners use.

The second thing you should consider adding to your collection is an AR-15 pistol. Due to firearms regulation you are not allowed to own a Short Barreled rifle. This means that if the upper receiver barrel length of a firearm you own is under a certain length, you are in violation of federal law for owning a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).

Check your local and federal law before doing anything, that said, you may be able to legally purchase an AR-15 pistol. Since the gun is classified as a pistol it has a barrel length that is minimal. The primary differences here are that if you are using an AR-15 pistol you can not attach an AR-15 rifle upper receiver to it (to my understanding).

The second difference is that instead of an adjustable stock there is instead a sort of tube like finish on the end. There are two things you can do thereafter, you can purchase an SB-15 brace which is designed to “Stabilize your wrists”. People who have purchased the SB-15 brace have been known to fire it from the shoulder instead of as a pistol, this is effectively a short barreled rifle without actually being classified as such.

If you instead want to go the other way and make your Ar-15 pistol even shorter, go to the link here and check out the modification system they’ve engineered.

Third on the list is the bump fire stock. A select fire weapon may be illegal, however this is not that. What this technology does is utilize the energy from your recoil and allow for what seems to be an artificially high rate of fire while also having good control over the amount of rounds being released. Watching video demonstrations the groupings and the rate of fire control seem to show a reliable product.

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