BREAKING: Senate Passes Landmark Legislation on Guns – Are You Happy About This?

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In the wake of the Orlando shooting that left 49 people dead, Barack Obama was hoping to use the tragedy to shamelessly destroy the Second Amendment. That’s why it came as very bad news to him this week when the Senate rejected four partisan gun measures that were presented after orlando.

According to American News, the measures included proposals to keep guns out of the hands of people on terror watch lists. Two of the proposals presented by Republicans intended to increase funding for the national background check system and would have created a judicial review process to keep any person on a terror watch list from buying a gun. The other two, which were presented by Democrats, hoped to expand background checks to private gun sales and allow the Justice Department to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists.

Back in December, after the San Bernardino shooting, the Senate rejected similar bills presented by Democrats. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Democrats for using this as a political talking point, arguing that the only “real solutions” were presented by Republicans.

“No one wants a terrorist to be able to buy guns or explosives. No one,” McConnell commented. “Instead of using this as an opportunity to push a partisan agenda or craft the next 30-second campaign ad, colleagues like Sen. Cornyn and Sen. Grassley are pursuing real solutions that can help keep Americans safer from the threat of terrorism.”

Minority Leader Harry Reid then spoke out to call the Republican measures “political stunts” that are “meaningless in doing something to stop gun violence.”

“These are amendments to divert attention from real legislation,” Reid commented. “Why? So Republicans can say, ‘Hey, look, we tried,’ and all the time their cheerleaders, their bosses at the NRA, are cheering.”

“I opposed Senator Feinstein’s proposal because it would not prevent terrorist attacks, but it would deny thousands of law-abiding Americans their constitutionally protected right to bear arms without any due process,” Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida commented, going on to concede that the Murphy amendment to expand background checks also places “too many burdens on law-abiding Americans.”

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