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A bombshell new video is going viral this week that reveals exactly why Hillary Clinton should never be president.

According to Western Journalism, the footage shows counterterrorism expert Sebastian Gorka explain that “country” is the motivation that’s missing for Clinton.

Here’s a transcript of the video:

GORKA: Trish, love of country. People need to — whether you like Trump or not — read the transcript of his speech today. You can’t keep track of the numbers that are flying. $142 million given to the Clinton Foundation as she’s in the secretary seat and 20 percent of American uranium is sold to the Russians and those Russian shareholders give her foundation $140 million.

TRISH REGAN: So this is a love of the almighty buck?

GORKA: It’s money and power, money and power. Just look at the last 40 years. It’s not about America and national interest. If it were, she would have saved Ambassador Stevens as opposed to sleeping in her bed when he was being attacked.

Gorka argued the crisis in the Middle East is Mrs. Clinton’s fault.

GORKA: This is a woman who is responsible as the secretary of state along with her former boss, President Barack Obama, for the world being on fire today as it is. Whether you look at the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Europe, the crises are just out of control.

He referenced the CIA director’s testimony last week that under Clinton’s watch, the world unraveled.

GORKA: At the end of his testimony he said, “In my 30-plus year career in the intelligence community, I have never seen the world as unstable as it is today.” That is a direct indictment of Secretary Clinton and also President Obama.

Gorka then observed a major distinction between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump.

GORKA: Hillary’s slogan right now is “I’m With Her.” What did Trump do? He flipped it. He said, “I’m with you America.” That sums it up. It’s about, “You need to be with me, I’m what’s important,” and Trump is saying, “Hang on, this is bigger than the candidate, it’s about America.” That Trish, is the difference in a nutshell.

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