Hillary Clinton Panicking After THIS Leaks – It’s All Over For Her

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Hillary Clinton has gone into full panic mode this week after it was revealed that key security features on Clinton’s home email server were disabled for weeks during 2010.

According to Conservative Tribune, State Department staffers struggled with a serious technical problem involving Clinton’s server and then disabled the security features, which left it open to hackers. This was revealed in emails obtained by Associated Press.

A few weeks after the features were disabled, Clinton’s staff completely shut down the server after hackers attacked the fragile system. They decided to disable specific software intended to block phishing emails that could deliver viruses. When they turned off the security features, the staffers admitted that they “view this as a Band-Aid and fear it’s not 100 percent fully effective.”

This came as very bad news to Clinton, since she’s repeatedly denied that there was any evidence that her email server had been hacked, even after the hacker came forward. This proves once and for all that she is a shameless liar.

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