Obama Drops Bombshell About Sasha and Malia’s Future – We Didn’t See This Coming…

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Ever since he first took office, Barack Obama has kept his daughters Sasha and Malia out of the public eye as much as possible. That’s why it came as a big surprise this week when the president opened up about his daughters’ future plans.

“I’m pretty certain that my daughters will not end up working on Wall Street,” Obama said in an interview about economic issues with Bloomberg published on Thursday. When Obama was asked if he himself is considering going into Wall Street after leaving office, he simply laughed in response.

According to Market Watch, Obama expressed fears that our country will lose it’s competitive edge if too many of “our best and brightest” go into financial work as opposed to engineering or computer science. He also worried about the fact that young, idealistic people who want to be teachers feel like they can’t make a living at it these days.

“It’s very hard for young people to make that decision [to teach] unless the parents are subsidizing them in a fairly significant way,” he said. “We’re going to have to make sure the services sector pays better.”

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