BREAKING: US Rocked By Devastating Walmart Shooting

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Barack Obama is constantly talking about how banning guns will stop mass shootings forever. However, this past weekend, a potential mass shooting was stopped only thanks to two patriots and their concealed carry permits.

A shooting took place at a Walmart in Augusta, Maine on Sunday, and it easily could have had numerous fatalities.

According to The Political Insider, four suspects were taken into custody by police after the shooting, which took place in the store’s parking lot. The suspects were sitting in cars parked next to each other when the altercation began. One suspect opened fire of the occupants of the other vehicle, causing them to return fire.

When the shooting finally stopped, one of the suspects exited his car to confront the people in the other vehicle. That’s when the two bystanders stepped in and stopped the altercation by whipping out the handguns they legally carry.

One of the suspects, identified as Kwiesha “Reggie” McBride, was injured when a bullet grazed his stomach. Had these concealed carriers not had there weapons, there likely would have been more injuries or even fatalities at this Walmart.

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