Hillary’s VP LEAKED to the Media – You Won’t Believe Who It Is

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Hillary Clinton has raised suspicions that she is planning to make Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren her running mate by taking the politician on the road with her this week as a “test run” to see what kind of team they make.

The New York Post reported that the two women spoke at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal in Cincinnati on Monday morning, and that they used their speech to try to halt any progress by Donald Trump in the critical swing state.

“Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again,” Warren said, according to the New York Times. She went on to call his slogan “goofy,” an adjective he often uses to describe her. “I ask, for who, exactly? For families that don’t fly to Scotland to play golf?”

Experts have long predicted that Warren, who is known for ranting against Wall Street and big banks, is a frontrunner to become Clinton’s running mate. Some believe that she would be a good choice because she appeals to liberals and non-liberals alike.

” It extends to people like many Trump supporters who feel the system only works for the rich and powerful,” Democratic strategist Brad Bannon told the AP. “Because of that, Cincinnati is a good place to test Warren’s appeal as a VP candidate who can attack Trump and win over some of his angry middle class supporters.”

Do you think Clinton will pick Warren as her running mate?

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