Americans FURIOUS After Seeing What Michelle Brought With Her On African Vacation…

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Michelle Obama is currently on a multi-million dollar, six-day vacation to Africa and Spain that is being funded by the American taxpayers.

Knowing that Americans are sick and tired of footing the bill for her vacations, Michelle has constantly claimed that she is taking this vacation solely to promote female education and end the cycle of poverty in the world. This may sound nice, but it was proven to be a blatant lie as soon as Michelle stepped off the plane in Morocco…

According to Conservative Tribune, Michelle stepped off the plane wearing a black floral wrap from fashion designer Proenza Schouler that costs a staggering $1,750, which is a full 60% of the average Moroccans YEARLY income.

This means that the people of Morocco will be forced to watch Michelle lecture them about poverty and education while she wears something that costs more than half of what most of them make in a year. SHARE this story if Michelle Obama makes you SICK!

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