BREAKING: Gunman Opens Fire At South Carolina Nightclub – Please Pray

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The mainstream media is continuing to report on the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub a few weeks ago that left 49 people dead. However, they have refused to report on the mass shooting that occurred at a South Carolina nightclub this past weekend. You won’t believe the reason why…

The Spartanburg Herlad-Journal reported that the shooting occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning in Lyman, South Carolina, where 32 year-old Jody Ray Thompson got into a verbal altercation with another man outside of Playoffz nightclub at about 3:30.

According to Conservative Tribune, Thompson escalated the altercation by opening fire on a random crowd, hitting three people. However, one of the men he shot had a concealed carrier permit, and he saved countless lives when he pulled out his gun and shot Thompson in the leg, putting an end to his rampage.

Thompson has been arrested and charged with four counts of attempted murder, but the man who shot him will not be charged since he acted in self defense. Of the three people he shot, only one was seriously injured. She has been identified as Renada Shantrice Irby, 34, who had one of the bullets lodged in her pelvis.

Bearing Arms reported that Thompson has a criminal record dating back to 2003, so he should not have been able to own a gun legally. Clearly, Obama’s gun control policies weren’t enough to keep a gun out of this criminal’s hands.

The mainstream media is refusing to cover this story because it proves that Obama’s gun-grabbing agenda is an epic failure. It also suggests that Donald Trump was right when he said the Orlando tragedy could have been prevented had patrons of the nightclub had concealed carry permits.

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