You Won’t Believe How Obama Is Celebrating Independence Day – This Is SICK

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Millions of Americans are preparing to celebrate the fourth of July this weekend by giving thanks to our beautiful country. Barack Obama, however, is celebrating the holiday in a very different way.

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama marked Independence Day by having his defense secretary Ash Carter announce that the military will allow openly transgender people to serve. The Associated Press reported that people in the military who want to change their gender identity or transition will be able to receive medical care pertaining to that on Oct. 1, in addition to changing their listed gender in the Pentagon’s computer system.

Next year, transgender people will be allowed to enlist in the military if they meet the requirements and have been stable in their current gender for a period of 18 months. Military officials have warned that this move would decrease readiness at the behest of social engineering, but Carter dismissed this during the press briefing.

“Americans who want to serve and can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so,” he said. “Our mission is to defend this country, and we don’t want barriers unrelated to a person’s qualification to serve preventing us from recruiting or retaining the soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine who can best accomplish the mission.”

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