BREAKING: Fox News Reporter ARRESTED On Camera – Fans Stunned

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Viewers of Fox 2 were stunned last week when investigative reporter Chris Hayes was arrested as he tried to bring a camera into a public meeting.

According to the River Front Times, Hayes was stopped at the door of the meeting by the local police captain in Kinloch, which is right near St. Louis.

“You come into the meeting without the camera, or you don’t come in,” the captain said. Hayes responded by saying he had every right to enter the meeting with a Fox 2 cameraman, but he was instead handcuffed and arrested on the spot.

This came after Hayes’ bombshell investigation revealed that his city’s rundown police cars weren’t insured or registered, leaving officers and drivers alike at serious financial risk if there is a crash.

Hayes, a winner of eight Emmys, is recognized as one of top reporters in St. Louis. He has been given a court date in September on charges of disorderly conduct and failure to comply.

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