Casey Anthony Is Caught Doing The Unthinkable

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Americans everywhere were furious in 2011 when Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee. Though she was overjoyed at the time to be freed, sources have told People that she is now sad and bored with her life five years later.

According to Daily Mail, Anthony has been a social pariah since her acquittal, and her former lawyers are pretty much the only friends she has. One source said that though Anthony has started dating again, she has only gone out with a few men and most of them are guys she met “through her very small legal circle.”

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Anthony started her own photography business called Case Photography earlier this year, but it looks like the business is struggling since she “has done very few projects.” Her life today reportedly resembles that of a retired person.

“She gets up each day, hangs around, checks the internet, takes some pictures, and doesn’t do much,” one source said. “She can’t hold a real job, and she doesn’t really make a lot of friends, for obvious reasons. When people find out about her history, they usually bail on her.”

“She sort of lives like an old person, on a fixed income without much going on in her life,” the source added. “She’s bored, and she complains about boredom all the time.”

Though the source said Anthony has enough money to survive on, it’s not enough for her to “really do anything.” Some have accused her of posing for fake paparazzi photos and trying to sell them herself for cash.

She reportedly no longer talks to anyone from her family.

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