Donald Trump Stuns Everyone With Shocking Move – Will You Still Support Him?

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In early June, the mainstream media gleefully reported that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was near death due to a lack of funds raised by the campaign and the Republican National Committee. Now, however, it has been revealed that these reports were blatantly false.

The Daily Caller reported that the Trump campaign announced on Wednesday that they had raised a whopping $55 million in the month of June. According to Conservative Tribune, around $26 million of this was raised through emailed donation requests and $19.9 million more was raised by the Donald J. Trump for President organization. The Trump Make America Great Again Committee, which is a joint effort with the RNC, brought in an additional $6.6 million.

$3.8 million of the money raised in June came from Trump himself, which shows that he is still funding his own campaign in part.

“We just started our fundraising efforts in the last week of May and we are extremely pleased with the broad-based support in the last five weeks for the Trump Campaign and Trump Victory,” said Campaign Finance Chairman Steve Mnuchin. “We want to thank our many volunteers and contributors that are committed to electing Donald J. Trump as president in November.”

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