Here’s What Hillary Clinton Did Immediately After Dallas Shooting – She Should Be In JAIL

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Over the last few weeks, Hillary Clinton has been shamelessly courting votes from minorities by race-baiting and speaking out against police officers whenever she could.

The anti-cop actions of Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama over the past few months are part of what inspired a race-baiting gunman to open fire on police officers in Dallas on Thursday night, shooting 12 and injuring 5. Since the shooting, Clinton has been furiously trying to backtrack instead of taking responsibility for what she has done.

According to The Huffington Post, Clinton cancelled her Pennsylvania campaign event on Friday and issued a simple Tweet.

That doesn’t sound much like an apology, Hills. While it may seem noble to honor the victims, Clinton should actually take some responsibility for the strong anti-police sentiment both she and Obama have perpetrated in this country.

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