Sean Hannity Exposes Secret GOP Plan

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The Republican National Convention is getting closer and closer, and rumors that the GOP establishment is planning to steal the nomination from Donald Trump are spreading like wildfire.

According to Conservative Tribune, the latest plan that the #NeverTrumpers are pursuing involves the Rules Committee of the RNC and a potential change in the rules governing how state delegates are bound to a certain candidate. Sean Hannity, a devoted Trump supporter, is trying to spread the word about this plan on his website

The Daily Wire reported that some committee member are pushing for a rules change that would basically “unbind” all of the delegates from the decision made by voters in their states. This would allow them to cast a vote on the first ballot for whomever they choose, rather than the candidate their state’s voters instructed them to support.

If this rules change goes through, it would be relatively simple for the GOP establishment to steal the nomination from Trump and instead hand it to one of their own candidates.

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