BREAKING: 20 Killed In Major City – Please Pray

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At least 20 people were killed on Tuesday when two trains collided in southern Italy.

According to Daily Mail, the accident occurred between Andria and Corato in the Puglia region on a line that has only a single track. Authorities believe the crash occurred around 11:30am either because of a signalling error or a mistake by one of the drivers, both of whom are thought to have been killed.

“This is a moment for tears in which we need to work to recover the victims and wounded,” said Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi. “We will not stop until we know what happened.”

“There are 10 dead and dozens injured. We are working with dozens of rescue teams to open up the carriages,” fire service spokesman Luca Cari added. “The rescue is complicated because this happened in the middle of the countryside.”

Authorities predict that the death toll will rise. We will update you further as this story develops.

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