Garth Brooks Stuns Fans With Shocking Announcement – Nobody Was Expecting This

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Country music legend Garth Brooks gave his fans some very exciting news this week when he revealed he will be giving them a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going into his new record with a new video series called Inside Studio G.

Taste of Country reported that the videos will stream live on his Facebook page and will allow fans to get an in-depth look at Brooks’ process of writing his new album. It will also give them access to stories from the road, sneak peeks at new songs, and insight into the inspirations for the record.

The first official video will be 10-15 minutes long and will start streaming on July 18 at 7PM ET, with a preview to come Monday (July 11). Another video will be released every Monday night until Brooks’ new album comes out. Fans can also ask Brooks questions via Instagram prior to the broadcast by using the hashtag #AskGarth.

“The thing I’m going to love most is getting ready to take you into the new album,” Brooks said of the project when it was first announced. “Take you into songwriting sessions, take you into recording sessions, see places. You’re going to see the room where ‘The Dance’ was cut. You’re going to see the room we packed 15 people in to sing ‘Friends in Low Places,’ and you’re going to see the new album be created and you’re going to be part of it.”

“Finally the people that make an artist an artist, get to come be with that artist and create. This is going to be good,” Brooks added

Brooks went on to say that the secret to his massively successful tour is keeping the focus on the audience.

“You try and make each seat front row, that’s what you do,” he shared. “The more you can get to the people, hopefully the better show they have. The better show they have, the better show you have. If the people are happy, the artist and the band are happy.”

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