BREAKING: Officer Down In ANOTHER US City – Baton Rouge Was Only The Beginning…

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Ever since the tragic shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead at the hands of a Black Lives Matter activist, attacks against American cops have increased at an alarming rate. Earlier today, three officers were shot dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Now, it has been reported that an officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is down as well.

A Milwaukee Police Officer is at a local hospital recovering from non-life-threatening injuries after being shot.

The officer was shot early Sunday morning on Milwaukee’s South Side.

MPD Officers responded to several calls in the 3500 block of South 17th Street in the early morning hours of July 17th. Officers were called to the area for two domestic violence related incidents and during both occasions, the suspect was no longer there when officers arrived.

According to police, an officer was seated in a squad car in the 3500 block of South 17th Street around 2:00 AM.

The officer was conducting the investigation when a suspect approached on foot and fired a gun several times into the squad, striking the officer several times.

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