BREAKING: Active Shooter On The Loose In Ohio After Opening Fire On Police

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The city of Columbus, Ohio is terrified today as an active shooter is still on the loose after opening fire on police last night.

According to Daily Mail, an area in the northern part of the city was sealed off after a gunman opened fire on police in an attack many fear was targeted much like those in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

“Officers under attack from rifle fire,” a message posted on the scanner of the Columbus Police Dispatch stated.

The gunman began by shooting at buildings and cars before targeting police as they arrived at the scene. 10TV reported that a SWAT team and helicopter were brought in to search for the shooter, but he was able to escape and the search was called off two hours later.

“FELONIOUS ASSAULT ON POLICE OFFICERS: Please RT news release & help us identify the suspect(s). This has to stop,” the Columbus Police tweeted this morning.


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