BREAKING: Malia Obama Caught Doing THIS In Barcelona – White House Furious

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Malia Obama is spending this summer interning at the US Embassy in Barcelona, but she isn’t working very hard at her new job…

According to US Hello Magazine, Malia was recently spotted partying in the Spanish city with three friends as a detail of bodyguards followed them around. The group was shopping at expensive shops, likely with our tax dollars, before drinking at the trendy Sopa Boba restaurant.

Malia turned 18 on July 4, and she has been taking advantage of the younger drinking laws in Europe ever since. Just a few weeks ago, Malia was caught drinking and partying at a nightclub in Amsterdam, where witnesses saw her “flirting heavily” with boys.

Barack Obama’s oldest daughter graduated from high school in June and is taking a gap year before she attends Harvard University in the fall of 2017. Clearly, she is planning to party as much as she can before starting school…

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