Look at Who Sat Next to the Trumps at the RNC…

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Liberals are up in arms over an image from the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night that suggests someone very surprising was sitting with Donald Trump’s children.

Gawker reported that the person in the image looks suspiciously like Walter Palmer, the dentist who became one of the most hated men in America last summer when he illegally killed Cecil the Lion during a safari in Zimbabwe.


According to Occupy Democrats, it would not be a huge stretch for Palmer to be sitting with Trump’s children, since both Donald Jr. and Eric Trump are huge fans of game hunting.


Trump himself has refused to get involved in the poaching debate.

“My sons love to hunt,” Trump said. “They are members of the NRA, very proudly. I am a big believer in the Second Amendment. But my sons are hunters, Eric is a hunter and I would say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf. My other son, Don, is a hunter. They’re great marksman, great shots, they love it. I um, like golf. I don’t do that.”

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