Patriot Sees Obama-Voters Misbehaving On Train – Gives Them A RUDE Wakeup Call

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An elderly man in Britain has found himself in hot water after he physically restrained a child on board a train because the kid wouldn’t take his feet off the train seats.

According to Conservative Tribune, a picture of the altercation shows the older man holding the boy’s arms behind his back.


It all started when the older man approached the children, a group of 8-11 year-olds who were not accompanied by an adult, and told them to take their feet off the train seats.

“He threatened them with a ‘clip around the ear’ and then went and sat back down. The children then put their feet back up and wouldn’t take them down. The guy then went over again and tried to take their feet down,” said a 17-year-old witness who described the kids as “quite cocky.”

That’s when the man lost his temper and physically restrained the boy. He is now being investigated by the police.

Do you think this man went too far, or was he justified in his actions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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