While We Were Focused On The Election, Obama Quietly Did THIS

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In the last week alone, three Muslim refugees have launched terrorist attacks in Germany. Despite this, Barack Hussein Obama is standing by his decision to ramp up the admission of Syrian refugees to the United States.

According to The Washington Examiner, White House spokesman Josh Earnest stressed Monday that the 10,000 Syrian refugees Obama wants to admit by October are subjected to more thorough screening and vetting than anyone trying to enter the United States.

“That’s why the president has confidence ramping up the number of refugees admitted to the United States,” Earnest told reporters. “Obviously, almost all of them are innocent people fleeing violence in their own countries — some of them are innocents fleeing genocide.”

“The president feels like the U.S. has a responsibility to do our part to try to provide relief for people fleeing that type of violence,” he said. “So I can understand why people are concerned about our national security — the president is concerned about our national security … That is why he has ensured that refugees admitted to the United States are subjected to all the screening.”

It’s sickening that Obama is prioritizing Muslim refugees over the safety of the American people. It is only a matter of time before our nation descends into the kind of chaos that is currently plaguing Germany…

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