BREAKING: Obama Panicking After Damning Email Leaks – This Could Destroy Him

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A series of emails just leaked that have exposed Barack Hussein Obama as the coward that he is.

According to Daily Mail, the emails reveal Obama did not want to engage Europe about Russia because he was afraid the U.S. would be seen as a “threat.”

General Philip Breedlove, former supreme commander of Nato, was afraid Obama saw the bloc as a “worry” because their open attitude to war could drag the US into another conflict. Breedlove emailed former Secretary of State Colin Powell asking him to help him persuade the President to take a greater role in the conflict with Russia over the Ukraine.


The emails Breedlove wrote that leaked were written in September 2014 after the EU and the US imposed sanctions on Vladimir Putin and he withdrew some troops from eastern Ukraine. They were from the general’s email accounts and were posted on a site called DC Leaks.

“I may be wrong… but I do not see this WH really “engaged” by working with Europe/Nato,” Breedlove wrote. “Frankly I think we are a “worry”… ie a threat to get the nation drug (sic) into a conflict. I seek your counsel on two fronts… how to frame this opportunity in a time where all eyes are on ISIL all the time… and two… how to work this personally with the POTUS (President Obama).”

“POTUS sees us a threat that must be minimised… ie do not get me into a war,” he added in another email.

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