Hillary Sits Down For Interview With Fox – Then THIS Happens

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Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday, and it didn’t take long for her to regret it…

According to Daily Caller, Wallace immediately disputed Clinton’s claim that FBI Director James Comey said that her answers to the American public regarding her handling of emails containing classified information were truthful.

“The emails… I want to ask you about just one aspect of them, and that’s what you told the American people,” Wallace said to Clinton on Fox New Sunday before playing three separate clips in which she said she did not send or receive any classified material via email.

“After a long investigation, FBI Director James Comey said none of those things that you told the American public were true,” Wallace said to the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Chris, that’s not what I heard Director Comey say, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to, in my view, clarify,” Clinton responded. “Director Comey said that my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.”

“I was communicating with over 300 people in my emailing. They certainly did not believe and had no reason to believe that what they were sending was classified,” she added. “Now in retrospect, different agencies come in and say, well, it should have been, but that’s not what was happening in real time.”

Nice try, Hillary, but nobody is buying it! SHARE if you think she should be in JAIL!

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