Patriotic Trump Supporter Catches Hoodlum Trying To Burn American Flag – Destroys Him With THIS

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In Obama’s America, it has suddenly become alright for liberal protesters to burn American flags. This week, one 68 year-0ld Donald Trump supporter couldn’t take it anymore.

According to Mad World News, Joshua Sturman, 23, tried to set an American flag on fire on Saturday outside of a Hillary Clinton rally in Pittsburgh. When Richard Dillon saw this, he knew he had to do something. Watch as the patriot tries to snatch the flag away from Sturman as the two go into an all-out brawl.

Pro-Trump protester Tricia Cunningham also tried to intervene, saying she tried to put the flag out with her sign because she “didn’t know if it was laced with gas or something.”

“You ain’t burning our flag. I’m the daughter of a Marine,” said Cunningham, who runs the Citizens 4 Trump office out of Monroeville. “There is no First Amendment when it comes to destroying the United States, as far as I am concerned.”

Eventually, Sturman was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, risking a catastrophe, and disorderly conduct for what he had done. SHARE if you think he got what he deserved!

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