4 Year-Old Girl Drinks Brother’s Juice And Dies – Mother Going To Jail

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A Texas woman and her boyfriend have been arrested after they allegedly beat her daughter with a belt and bamboo stick when the four-year-old girl drank her brother’s juice.

According to Right Wing News, Leiliana Wright later died of the injuries she suffered in the March 12 beating, and her mother Jeri Quezada, 30, has since been charged with injury to a child. Quezada and her boyfriend, Charles Phifer, had been using heroin before the brutally beat her daughter.

Quezada told police she left her daughter at Phifer’s house when she went to run errands with her 18 month-old son because she couldn’t take her in public with facial bruising. The mother said her daughter fell in the shower while she was gone and later died of her injuries.

Quezada claims Phifer called her at 5:30 that day to say that he had tied Leilana up because she was “making herself throw up.” When she arrived at his home, he told her Leilana was tied up in the closet, so Quezada did a shot of heroin because the little girl “couldn’t see her mother doing drugs.”

Ten minutes later, Quezada found Leilana in the closet with her wrists tied behind her back attached to a structure that “prevented the child from sitting down.”

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