BREAKING: Terrorist Attack In Major City – At Least 6 Victims

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One person was killed and five were injured in a knife attack in Russell Square in London last night.

According to Daily Mail, the victim has only been identified as a U.S. citizen who was in her 60s. The attacker has been identified as 19 year-old Chanel Britton, a Norwegian of Somali origin who came to Britain aged five. He has since been arrested by police.

The other victims were two women and three men who were British, American, Israeli and Australian. Three of them have since been discharged from the hospital.

“I was just trying to console her,” a witness said of the deceased victim. “The victim said something about: ‘He’s still here, he’s still here’ – after that she was not lucid.  That’s when I saw someone. He was meandering about. He was very disturbed.”

The motive behind the attack has not yet been released, but police have confirmed that the attacker was mentally disturbed.

We will update you further as this story develops.

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