This Commercial Was BANNED For Being ‘Too Sexy’ – Did They Go Too Far?

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This Norwegian IKEA commercial was banned from TV in the U.S. for being “too sexy.”

According to Right Wing News, the commercial begins with a woman stripping down after she gets home from work and grabbing a pitchfork. That’s when things get really weird…

She runs into the living room and turns on hillbilly music before her husband pops his head up from behind the couch. The man is snorting like a pig and wearing a mask with a pink nose as he’s chased around the living room by his wife.

When she gets close enough, she pulls down her husband’s pants. It is at that exact moment that the couple’s daughter and her boyfriend come home from a date, much to her parents’ horror.

Do you think this ad deserved to be banned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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