BREAKING: Obama Planning To Change The Name Of Columbus Day To THIS

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In the last few years, liberals across the country have waged war on Columbus Day as they say it’s “offensive” to Native Americans. Now, Barack Hussein Obama might finally be getting rid of it.

According to Tell Me NowRush Limbaugh dropped a bombshell on a recent episode of his show when he revealed that Obama is planning to rename Columbus Day “Indigenous People Day.” Here’s the transcript of what Rush said:

RUSH:  A very happy Indigenous Peoples Day to everybody out there.  In other words, greetings to all of you who were trampled when the settlers arrived here to the new world and took it away from you. And now you’ve got sour grapes showing up with Calypso Louie at the Million Man March redux over the weekend.

Columbus Day it is, but of course that’s so politically incorrect. Nothing to celebrate there, folks. Columbus Day, that began the end of everything that was sacred. It’s when the white Europeans showed up and they brought horses, syphilis, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and their own version of capitalism. They brought environmental destruction. Animal insignificance and destruction as well.  Virtually everything wrong with the greatest nation on earth is traced back to Columbus Day. And instead several cities today are actually celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. Why should native Americans want the heritage of Europeans celebrated? You know, bad memories and all that. What have they ever done for the world? Unlike the Indians. They gave us tobacco, great PSA’s on TV about keeping the climate unpolluted.

So anyway, we’ve got some audio soundbites. It was the Million Man March, part II. Calypso Louie gathered the troops in Washington, the mall, to redo the Million Man March and it was… I’m glad it happened. We’ve got some audio sound bites. It was a bunch of people that hate this country on parade and they were saying so, blatantly and in front of everybody.

Obama and his minions will never be satisfied until our country submits to political correctness. SHARE this story if you think Columbus Day should keep it’s name!

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