ISIS Suicide Bomber Detonates Too Early – Gets Oneway Ticket To Allah

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In this video, a radical Muslim terrorist tries to kill some Christians with a suicide bomb. Unfortunately for him, however, things don’t go quite according to plan.

Watch as the bomber detonates too early, only killing himself and seven of his fellow terrorists.

When it comes down to it, there is an excess of proof out there showing the inexperience of some Muslim extremists. Although they’d like to come across like they know what they’re doing, that clearly isn’t always the case.

Proving that most recently was a suicide bomber who had one simple task – take out as many infidels as possible. With that in mind, the Islamic jihadist hopped into an armored truck of some kind that was loaded with explosives and headed on his way.

Unfortunately for him, things didn’t exactly go according to plan as he detonated a bit prematurely, although he did manage to take out a few people. However, you can imagine his surprise when he went to meet Allah and noticed that his own men were standing behind him.

As it turns out, the blast from the explosion was so powerful that the shockwave killed the man recording the bombing as well as a few others. Although the cameraman was hoping to later use the footage for some good propaganda, he only managed to record his own death at the hands of a bumbling terrorist.

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