Michelle Obama Caught Hiding THIS About Malia

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Throughout their time in the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama have tried to keep their two daughters out of the spotlight as much as possible. That’s why it was particularly humiliating for them when footage of their 18 year-old daughter Malia drinking and partying went viral.

There’s nothing Michelle loves more than telling Americans how to raise their children. Clearly, she should be focusing on her own instead of worrying about ours…

The First Daughters have been kept under close watch in the years they’ve been in the White House, with Michelle Obama keeping them out of the public eye way more than previous families.

Now, many are starting to wonder what the presidential family is actually trying to hide.

We know that Malia has been on a bit of a wild streak lately, with paparazzi catching scandalous nights out in LA and wardrobe choices that have left the public raising their eyebrows. She was also seen at the music festival Lollapalooza, known for its heavy drinking and drug use. She is only 18.

Some suspect that Malia is simply doing what any teenager would do in her position—and acting out against the dictatorship leading style of her father. If he makes decisions in the house similar to the way he makes decisions in the White House, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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