Trump Leaks The Most Damning Hillary Footage Yet

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Donald Trump has been slowly destroying Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by releasing damning footage that reminds Americans what a lying criminal she really is. This week, he released a new anti-Hillary ad that will make it hard for even the most devoted liberals.

We need to spread this ad now!

Terror attack after terror attack after terror attack — that has been the state of the world under President Barack Obama, and that is exactly how the world would remain under the leadership of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

This was the argument made in a powerful new attack ad released by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday.

“America is far less safe, and the world is far less safe than when Obama made the decision to put Hillary Clinton in charge of America’s foreign policy,” Trump can be heard saying at the start of the ad.

What followed is nearly a minute of back-to-back news coverage of the horrifying terror attacks that have occurred in the past couple of months alone: the Orlando terror attack, the Brussels terror attack, the Nice terror attack and so on.

Amid this was included a clip of Clinton falsely claiming, “America today is stronger at home and more respected in the world.”

Except that it is neither, due primarily to the policies of appeasement and avoidance that both she and the president have pursued for the past seven years.

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