BREAKING: 8 Killed, 39 Wounded In Major US City

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Barack Hussein Obama’s hometown of Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the entire country. However, that has done nothing to lower the crime rate in the city.

According to The Political Insider, 8 people were shot dead and an additional 39 people were wounded between Friday evening and Monday morning in the Illinois city.

A 25 year-old man was driving a black SUV with three female passengers when they stopped at a red light. A dark-colored car pulled up besides their vehicle and opened fire, shooting the driver in the head. The driver later died of his wounds, but his passengers were not injured.

Less than five minutes before this shooting, another man was shot dead in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side. Officers responded to a call about this shooting at 2:25 a.m. and found the man, who was in his mid-30s, lying dead on the sidewalk.

These are just two of the many shootings that took place in Chicago this weekend.  Clearly, Obama’s gun laws aren’t working so well after all…

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