Hillary Horrified After Damning Image Goes Viral

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68 year-old Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can to make it look like she is in perfect health as she tries to win the 2016 presidential election. That’s why she went into panic mode this week when an image surfaced that proves her health isn’t nearly as good as she would have us believe…

According to WND, new photos show the elderly Clinton receiving help as she tries to walk up the staircase to her home. The photos were reportedly taken in February as Clinton campaigned in South Carolina.

Clinton has a long history of falling down. Back in 2013, Clinton was treated for a blood clot in a vein in her head after fainting and falling while she was Secretary of State. On her way to the White House in 2009, Clinton fell and broke her elbow.

“At what point is the mainstream media going to question Clinton’s health status?” asked Kyle Olsen in an article for American Mirror. Here are some comments from readers:


  • “Her ‘left leg,’ looks like it is about to be left behind on that last step. Definitely, not, looking good. (Cocktails in the car … lunch … or something else (?) … or just another, of a ‘thousand cuts’).”
  • “Can’t walk, needs assistance, can’t think, often confused, can’t see, has double vision, wears long coats to hide her adult diapers, has multiple seizures on camera, left in middle of debate for unexplained reason, called Donald Trump her husband, massive coughing fits during speeches.”

Hillary Clinton’s health has been caused into question in recent weeks as she has been caught on camera having possible seizures on numerous occasions. She has also been caught descending into coughing fits, and a lesion was even spotted on her tongue.

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