You Won’t Believe What Malia Obama Was Caught Doing This Weekend…

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Malia Obama has had an exhausting summer partying in places like Madrid, Amsterdam, and Lollapalooza. This weekend, the 18 year-old jetted off to Martha’s Vineyard with her family for some “much-needed” down time.

According to Pop Sugar, Malia was spotted leaving the White House and landing in Martha’s Vineyard with her 15 year-old sister Sasha and her parents in tow. This girl really does live the life of Riley…





The White House claimed that Malia was going to be spending this summer interning at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, but she has spent far more time partying with her friends than actually working. Now, she’s in Martha’s Vineyard frolicking with her parents while they spend millions of tax dollars on their dream vacation.

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