BREAKING: This Popular Fox News Host Is About To Be FIRED

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Fox News host Andrea Tantaros has been noticeably absent from her regular spot on the weekday program “Outnumbered” ever since April. Now, she is facing being fired from the network for breaching her contract after she came forward to say she was sexually harassed by former Fox CEO Roger Ailes.

According to Conservative Tribune, a source with Fox who has knowledge of the legal side of the case said Tantaros never filed a complaint against Ailes, saying her complaints were instead made against other Fox employees and guests.

Though Fox claimed Tantaros was removed from “Outnumbered” because there was a “contract dispute” surrounding her book, “Tied Up In Knots,” but her lawyer said the absence was really retaliation for her complaints about sexual harassment. Tantaros may now officially be fired because she breached her confidentiality clause by speaking with the media about Ailes through her lawyer.

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