BREAKING: Massive Explosion In Washington D.C. – Mass Fatalities Feared

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Seven people are still missing after a massive explosion ripped through an apartment building in the Washington D.C. suburb of Silver Springs.

Daily Mail reported that at least 30 people, including three firefighters, were injured in the blast and ensuing fire. Residents of the building suffered burns from the fire and fractures from jumping out windows to save their lives.

The explosion occurred just before midnight on Wednesday night, and it impacted around 28 units. In total, over 90 people were forced to flee their homes after the blast.

“People were dropping children and jumping out of other windows,” Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein told the Washington Post. “Everybody was getting out of the building as rapidly as possible.”

“It sounded like an earthquake,” resident Mariama Turay recounted. “I grabbed my ID and I came out and I opened the door and then I saw this fire blazing right in front of me.”

Another resident told NBC Washington that he had smelled gas in the area “for weeks.”

“I’ve been smelling gas for weeks. I called 911, they came and told us it smelled like incense,” Adrian Boya said. “That’s pretty sad. It’s like they didn’t take us seriously.”

The cause of the blaze has not yet been revealed. We will update you further as this story develops.

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