Child Rape Victim Comes Back To Haunt Clintons – Drops Massive Bombshell On Them

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Kathy Shelton was 12 years-old in 1975 when a 41 year-old drifter destroyed her life by raping her on the side of a desolate Arkansas road. Afterwards, she was revictimized when Hillary Clinton served as the rapist’s defense attorney and got him free, slandering Shelton’s name in the process.

Now, Shelton has broken her silence to expose the REAL Hillary Clinton most Americans never get to see.

According to Right Wing News, Shelton recounted that Clinton accused her of  “seeking out older men” even though she was only 12 years-old. She also forced the child to undergo a grueling court-ordered psychiatric examination to determine whether she was “mentally unstable.”


During trial, Clinton told the court that Shelton would “fantasize” about older men. Years later, she laughed about getting the rapist off on a damning piece of audio footage.

“I don’t think [Hillary Clinton’s] for women or girls,” Shelton told Daily Mail. “I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win. If she was [an advocate for women and children], she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12 years old.”

“I heard you on tape laughing,” Shelton added, addressing Clinton directly. “I just want to know, you’ve got a daughter and a grandbaby. What happens if that daughter of yours, if that would have been her [who was assaulted at age 12]?”

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