Burqa-Clad Muslim Caught RAPING Her Son – Judge Lets Her Off With SICK Excuse

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A 36 year-old Muslim woman who has not been identified was recently arrested and charged with 6 counts of sexual abuse of a child in the United Kingdom for distributing graphic videos and photos of herself molesting her children.

According to Right Wing News, the mother of four had emigrated from Pakistan to the United Kingdom prior to her arrest. She was found out by her 13 year-old daughter, who was stunned to find videos of her mother engaging in sexual intercourse and oral sex with her 14 year-old son. There was also pornographic images of the Muslim’s 3 year-old daughter.

In total, police found 119 videos and pictures of the children engaging in sexual activity with the mother.

When the child molester was brought to a Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court in May, she offered the judge a sickening excuse by saying that she only filmed herself raping her son because her cousin told her to. She said her cousin had never had sex with a woman, so he asked her for the homemade films.

“She had been in contact with a cousin in Pakistan who had never had sex with a girl,” explained Ian Kolvin, her lawyer. “He asked her if she would video herself having sex with her son. The videos showed the boy rubbing her breasts and rubbing her vagina. Under instructions she gave him, they are seen having sexual intercourse.”

Making matters even worse, the mother knowingly passed on the virus Hepatitis C to her son. Shockingly, the judge only sentenced her to 5 years in prison for 6 counts of sexual abuse of her children, but her defending attorney Ruth Smith still sees the Muslim mom as the true victim.

“She has lived her life within her culture as one that is expected of her – a devoted daughter and loving wife,” Smith excused. “She has been subjected to significant abuse. That coupled with her suggestibility may have resulted in a vulnerable individual. She is highly suggestible of others. She was subjected to abuse by her husband and that is something she has accepted as her lot in society.”

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